Paranormal Investigation

Noftsger Hill Inn

Saturday, April 26th, 2014, four team members of  F.O.T.O.S. had the opportunity for an overnight investigation at the historic Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, AZ.  Not unlike private client investigations, Carolee had purposely gone on this investigation site not knowing much of the history and none of the names associated with the Inn or property.  She was basically going ‘cold’ into the environment.

Jen, Wendy, Jill, and Carolee chose to stay in Room #3 for the weekend since they’d heard there was activity associated particularly with this room.  Once checked in, trigger objects set up for an experiment, the women decided to just sit quietly in the room and try to catch a ‘read’ on it and the building.  During this quiet time, Jen was being repeatedly touched with firmness as if someone was poking her, pushing on her.

After Carolee introduced herself to spirit with her usual intro of peace, love, respect, asking permission… she was immediately approached by a young female spirit about 4 foot tall, blonde hair. Carolee asked her name and she said Evelyn.  “Can you repeat your name?”  “Evelyn”.  “Evelyn, you went to school here?”  “Yes”.  Then she starting repeating “five, five, five…” to which she was asked if she was five years old. That’s when a young thin male with tousled brown hair stepped forward correcting Evelyn by saying the numeral “eight’ several times.  To which Evelyn was adamantly denying the eight and insisting on five.  And then Evelyn said, “Paul likes to push”.  “Push to hurt?” “No, push” and she showed Carolee one finger poking or firmly pushing.  In the info relay Carolee could sense she enjoyed telling about Paul and what she determined was naughty behavior.  Carolee asked the young male his name and he confirmed it was Paul and he was eight years old.  Paul said Evelyn likes to tattle and move  things and Evelyn said Paul likes “pushing” people. Carolee asked if Paul was pushing on Jen and was told “yes”.  Carolee was able to determine that Evelyn and Paul like to hang out on the lower level of the Inn and will make their presence known to the Innkeeper and visitors.  Evelyn doesn’t hesitate to peek around doors and furniture and has made herself at home. Paul tends to be shyer and follows Evelyn around quite a bit.

While waiting for breakfast the next morning, the four women meandered around the downstairs lobby checking out the place more thoroughly looking for information on the spirits they’d encountered.  Carolee was alone at one end of the room when all of a sudden… “Carolee! Evelyn is here! Her picture is on the wall!”.  Carolee went to get her reading lenses so she could see the pictures clearly and then to where her excited friends were standing and pointing and there was Evelyn.  Carolee recognized her immediately.

We’re still in the after investigation research phase which has us looking into Evelyn, Paul, and a few other spirits we met.  And what the possible meaning of the numbers Evelyn and Paul gave us.  Are they ages?  Grades?  Some other meaning?  Surely Paul isn’t eight years old and in fifth grade.  Or is he?  Curiosity has us wondering so many things that a revisit to this location is on the agenda for further spirit communication and research.

Noftsger Hill Inn