Over the years we’ve collected thousands of images and hours of video and audio and are showing  some of our earlier collections. 

Photographic Data

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Noftsger Hill Inn – slideshow of self-illuminating light



EVP is short for Electronic Voice Phenomena. A theory is that spirits can use energy to imprint voices on a tape or digital audio recorder that may or may not be heard when the investigator is in the room. When listening back, sometimes words and phrases can be detected. A PSB Spirit Box is a device used for contacting spirits through the use of radio frequency. The ECHOVOX is a bit different in that radio signals do not factor into the equation. Instead, it has a built-in database of word fragments that it randomly plays. In addition, any sound captured by your device’s microphone — be it the sounds uttered by the ECHOVOX, the user’s voice, or ambient sounds–are echoed, creating an audio “soup” that an entity might hypothetically use to communicate. The theory behind these devices is that the spirit can manipulate “white noise” in order to communicate. The communication through these devices can be heard at the time that it happens, although frequently it is necessary to go back and re-listen to understand what has been said. We have had positive results with both. Below are some examples. Best heard using headphones.

Our collected EVP’s can be heard on our Soundcloud account: https://soundcloud.com/fotos 


Video Data