Friends of the Other Side Paranormal Investigation and Consulting is proud of our diverse and skilled membership. All our members bring a drive and talent that enhances both the reputation and effectiveness of our group.

Carolee Jackson  (Co-founder)  

Carolee Jackson was born with the gift of sensing and has been communicating with the Other Side, Spirit Guides, and  Angelic Realm since a child. She started actively investigating paranormal phenomena in 1975 after living in a haunted flat with poltergeist activity. Carolee has over 40 years of first-hand paranormal experience, including experience with ghosts, poltergeists, diabolical entities and observing UAP and UFO activity.

Jennifer Hoeft  (Co-founder)

Jennifer Hoeft is an artist with a background in psychology and an interest in history. She has been interested in the interaction of the human psyche with the paranormal, including perception, consciousness, memory, and trauma. Jen started looking for kindred spirits with whom to investigate in and in 2013 co-founded FOTOS. 

Fallon Franzen 

Fallon Franzen has been investigating the paranormal for 10 years. She joined FOTOS as an intuitive, receiving subconscious paranormal imagery while in a meditative state. A lifelong artist, she utilizes her cultivated skills of intuitive drawing to create detailed depictions of messages from the other side.

Reggie McFadden

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Reggie ” Mars ” McFadden began embracing the ” unusual ” at a very early age. Pursuing a science and technology education path, and working as an Electrical engineer and Contractor, he started a company specializing in historical restoration and preservation of old homes. This afforded Reggie the opportunity to experience numerous paranormal events in a number of Historical Hollywood homes and other locations throughout the country. But it was a poltergeist experience in the San Fernando Valley, California that prompted him to pursue research and scientific investigation of the many paranormal events he was experiencing. It was a solo venture for many years until he moved to the Phoenix area and met and joined the members of the FOTOs team. Reggie believes there is a world unseen by most until it touches them in a profound way. 

Greg Ellis   

An encounter with the paranormal when Greg Ellis was a child initially frightened him, yet, he found it interesting. Since that time he has been sensitive to spirit activity, feeling sensations and energies. This sparked Greg’s lifelong interest in the unknown and the unexplained. His other interests are history, ancient cultures, belief systems and human interactions. Greg feels fortunate to be accepted as a member of FOTOS since the beginning.


“Friends of the Other Side” was started by Carolee Jackson and Jennifer Hoeft with several like-minded and spiritually connected people that had met through other paranormal groups. Collectively we had the same thought process about researching and investigating reported paranormal activity, and communicating with Spirit. The team prefers a gentler, friendlier, compassionate, and empathetic approach and respect for all – Spirit and client. The business name, Friends of the Other Side, was gifted with a feather to Carolee from her Spirit Guide while in meditation.

We’re a nice combination of skeptics and believers with a heavy dose of personal experiences with the paranormal. And while we use scientific equipment, it is important that we celebrate those members with psychic abilities and incorporate the information gained in with our overall data review.

From the first organizational meeting in February 2013, “Friends of the Other Side” Paranormal Investigation and Consulting has been actively investigating reported paranormal activity in private homes, business’, and historical locations throughout the Southwest. Our interests and curiosity take us beyond the spirit realms and into UFO’s, cryptozoology, paranormal phenomena, place memories, consciousness,  metaphysics, and other subjects.