Paranormal Investigation

Meet Our Team

Friends of the Other Side Paranormal Investigation and Consulting is proud of our diverse and skilled membership. All our members bring a drive and talent that enhances both the reputation and effectiveness of our group.

  • Carolee Jackson – Co-founder, Director; Spiritualist Medium, Channeler, Psychic Intuitive
  • Jennifer Hoeft – Co-founder, Director; Sensitive, Empath
  • Fallon Franzen – Sensitive, Empath, Automatic Writer and Drawer
  • Reggie McFadden – Sensitive, Empath
  • Greg Ellis – Medium, Psychic Intuitive


“Friends of the Other Side” was started by several like-minded and spiritually connected people that had met through other paranormal groups. Collectively we had the same thought process about researching and investigating reported paranormal activity, and communicating with Spirit. The team prefers a gentler, friendlier, compassionate, and empathetic approach and respect for all – Spirit and client.

We’re a nice combination of skeptics and believers with a heavy dose of personal experiences with the paranormal. And while we use scientific equipment, it is important that we celebrate those members with psychic abilities and incorporate the information gained in with our overall data review.

From the first organizational meeting in February 2013, “Friends of the Other Side” Paranormal Investigation and Consulting has been actively investigating reported paranormal activity in private homes, business’, and historical locations throughout the Southwest. Our interests and curiosity take us beyond the spirit realms and into UFO’s, cryptozoology, paranormal phenomena, place memories, consciousness,  metaphysics, and other subjects.